Accepting Love Bundle

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This is for you if you

  • struggle to receive love
  • think you are unworthy of love
  • feel the need always to earn everything
  • have never had someone to shower you with love
  • doubt love is something someone as you should have


The bundle contains

  • Permission to receive nano-course – 10k
  • 5-part affirmation audio – 15k


I know you are possibly asking “how do I know I struggle to receive love?”

  • You always oversimplify how hard it took you to achieve a significant feat
  • You think/act like compliments are overrated
  • You see other people happy and you are happy for them but you don’t believe that kind of happiness is yours even if you crave it.
  • Sometimes, you want to be loved but you question if that kind of love exists
  • You get slightly jealous when you see parents, partners, friends or even siblings showing love to someone.
  • You easily substitute yourself with the subject of affection in a movie/are the object of affection in your fantasy but you run away when someone attempts to love you in real life.
  • You push people away when they get too close/ when you start becoming comfortable with them because you expect them to leave.
  • You work really hard to impress the most impossible people. Even romantically, you set your gaze on the most unreachable person so if they reject you, you will have a basis to say you are unlovable and if they accept you, you can feel like a trophy winner temporarily before you go back to pushing them off.
  • You take the hardest way even when it’s unnecessary because you are always attaching a large part of your worth to your achievements.

The question now becomes why don’t you accept love?

We receive or reject things on the basis of accumulated data on the topic. Those data are gathered through experiences, intuition, education and environments.

Did you have to do something right in other to be embraced as a child? then love will be the reward of good actions instead of something that just is. If that is the case, it will explain why you always feel the need to break your back to prove efficiency – You are not chasing excellence; you are chasing love and acceptance.

These and more reasons why we accept/ reject love will be covered in the nano-course.

If you do decide to go on this self-paced journey with this bundle of products, be rest assured you will have to reintroduce yourself to yourself – literally date yourself, and raise your standards in areas you have settled.

If these look like what you need in your life right now, jump on board. If you would want something that’s more hands-on with a therapist, check out the personal session plan


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