Body It!

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Have you been feeling sexually unattractive? Do you feel like your body doesn’t sell you to potential partners? Do you wish you felt sexier? Then this is for you.

  • Love your body
  • Release the shame you hold
  • Increase your body esteem
  • Show up in your bedroom like a god/goddess
  • 4 personal therapy sessions – 140k
  • 7-day body love challenge – 10k 
  • Assessments – 20k
  • Why We Body Shame webinar replay – 10k 
  • Body Love affirmation audio – 10k


We live in a world where whole products and industries thrive on your body shame.

If you are dark, you are too dark and need to ‘tone, glow, lighten up, and whiten’

If you are fair, you need to ‘tan, preserve, glow up, and lighten’

If you are slim, you need to ‘feed, take medications, buff up, increase etc’

If you are thick, you need to ‘ be slim thick, toned, shapey, muscular, lose weight, cut down’

Everyone has an opinion about bodies they do not live in. Total strangers who only know your username have ideas on how you could look hotter. People who don’t know your medical records are dissatisfied with how you look in an outfit. 

It is your duty to protect your body esteem from all these harassments. Some of us have experienced body shame from loved ones and experienced it so frequently that we continue to shame ourselves even when no one is around.

Perhaps you truly need to lose/gain weight. Perhaps you are not doing all you can fashion-wise & health-wise to flatter your natural body shape. Perhaps, you truly need the help of a nutritionist, gym instructor, therapist or any other professional. But, shaming yourself never brings lasting results because the shame will not suddenly leave when the results manifest – it will shift to another area of your life.

Let’s unpack this body shame you have experienced all these years, together. The best part: your therapist is a fashion stylist – you get two services at the price of one. 

  • Love your body: if you love your body, you will be healthy, elegant and self-nurturing.
  • Release the shame you hold: if you do, you will stop settling for people who disrespect you, brands that shame you, clothes you really don’t like, and places that don’t honour you.
  • Increase your body esteem: if you do, you will be more comfortable in your skin, feel sexually attractive, be more assertive bodily and feel less pressure to look and feel like someone else.
  • Show up in your bedroom like a god/goddess: if you go through your sessions judiciously, you will stop trying to impress someone with your body, instead, you will express yourself and you will put a premium on your sexual explorations.




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