Create your affirmations

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This is a nano-course about creating affirmations. 

What you get in the course

  • What are Affirmations
  • Why you need affirmations 
  • The right way to create affirmations
  • The posture and environment for productive affirmations.


When you google the word ‘Affirm‘ you find the following definition – to state emphatically or publicly.
Synonyms: declare, state, assert, aver, proclaim, pronounce, attest, swear, avow, vow, guarantee, promise, certify, pledge, give one’s word, give an undertaking, asseverate.

Too many times as individuals, we miss the value of our affirmations – things we emphatically say to ourselves and things we announce publicly about our lives.

It is great to see an Instagram/Tiktok video with an affirmation and whisper it but how emphatic are you? What stories are you repeating in your head with so much emphasis that life is beginning to deliver at your doorstep?

  • When you have cash what do you say to, for and about yourself?
  • When you don’t have cash, what are you saying?
  • When you are single, what do you say?
  • When you get a partner, what do you emphatically expect?

Many times in therapy, I can tell clients will have fewer challenges in their minds, bank accounts, bedrooms, or businesses if they can just control their affirmations (internally & externally).

This course has no certificate and no grade. In fact, no one will applaud you for finishing it but your life will never stay the same if you practice it.

When you learn to create your affirmations, you will

  • Stop borrowing social media affirmations that you don’t even agree with
  • Stop attracting people and things that you don’t really want
  • Start saying and asking exactly what you mean
  • Start giving your courage voice and masterfully dissolve your fears
  • Start affirming with the right words
  • Stop receiving negative reports and narratives about your life.


Now, are you ready to change your life?


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