Money needs me

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Identify why you experience perpetual financial lack and break those limiting beliefs.

P.S.: this will focus on your relationship with money and how that affects your emotional commitment to relationships with yourself and other people. 



Money is an emotional need

While money can’t buy good sex, it can definitely pay your bills so overthinking about it doesn’t make you sexually absent. Money doesn’t buy good relationships but it covers the bills and makes servicing those relationships, easy.

We can disregard money all we want in our conversations but we also know that money does control a lot of things – the kind of schools our children gom the people they interact with, the kind of teachers their schools can afford to pay, the kind of educational background those teachers come from and their exposure level. This is how your money affects your children and their future.

If money is a tool of functionality, why don’t a lot of people have it? The easy answers will be hard work and diligence but that is false because a lot of hard workers aren’t nearly as rich as their work culture deserves.

Some will say you need a system that works for you, some will say you need more streams of income, some will say you need to fire your boss and become your own boss, and some will say self-employment is a trap but entrepreneurship is the way – there are elements of truth in all these and putting them together is fantastic. But, they all require something that many people don’t pay attention to – belief systems.

How much do you think you are worth? What is your time worth? How much is your life worth? What do you deserve?

In this webinar, we will look at emotional experiences that keep you trapped in financial lack, and anxiety and find ways you can start making money want you.

A time comes when you really need to stop chasing and start attracting or you will burn out. This is where you confront your money fears.

3 reviews for Money needs me

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