Self-Love Bundle

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This is for you if you will like to know and love yourself a little better without the pressure of having to talk to someone about how you really feel. 

The pace of this is solely dependent on you and the result you will get is solely dependent on how judiciously you use what you learn.

  • 7-part Affirmation audios 21k
  • Loving me nano-course 10k


Contrary to popular opinion, self-love isn’t something that you give yourself as a result of smashing some crazy goal during the month, it is not something you do to curate great Instagram pictures or sponsor yourself to the spa or games night with the boys.

Those are merely a fraction of what it means to love yourself.

  • How do you talk to yourself when no one else is listening?
  • How much does your body have to do to earn rest?
  • When does your success qualify for applause?
  • When do you deserve a compliment?
  • How much more will you earn to be enough?
  • What else must you do before you earn forgiveness?
  • When do you draw boundaries in a disrespectful environment?
  • When do you deserve to be cared for?

Love isn’t without honour – if it doesn’t honour you, it doesn’t love you. Based on this definition, do you love yourself? do you know what honour feels like?

If you don’t, you should be certainly signing up for this bundled product.


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