Sexual Adaptability for Couples

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For couples who want to increase sexual pleasure 

  • 3 (90-minute) couple therapy sessions – 130k
  • 21-day custom-made sexual adaptability challenge – 60k 
  • Speaking your partner’s sex language webinar replay – 10k 


Sexual compatibility is a big issue amongst many couples. Based on these arguments and the stubborn ways in which couples stand, you will assume that sexual compatibility was a lifetime gift but it is not.

A couple can be sexually compatible in a season and not be in the next season of life.

What does sexual compatibility even mean?

To the average person, sexual compatibility is when partners have a connection on a sexual level in such an easy way that it feels like a square peg in a square whole.

Psychologically and biologically, that is not how it works – your partner’s sex language is just like their love language and their sociological preferences change according to their needs in the moments and the highest psychological gain they can reach.

For example: before the kids, your woman could have loved flowers and outing but with the kids, she needs help and want flowers and outing. She didn’t stop being the same woman, her needs shifted. Your man could have come home horny every night and now, he just falls asleep – his psychological needs must have shifted based on newer responsibilities.

While this is not the case with most couples, a couple with sexual adaptability and flexibility will outlast a couple chasing compatibility – for they know how to bend, twist, turn and ensure they flow together. The adaptable couple knows sex is for the relationship and not the relationship is for sex.

This package will move your relationship to a place of sexual adaptability and unlock layers of intimacy in your relationship that you don’t even know exists.


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