The ultimate 7-Day self-care challenge


This is a free invitation to slow down and see how you’re really doing internally 



Self Care is not the drama we have been convinced it is – self-care supersedes the selfies, the nights out and the bougie life; those are icing on a well-baked cake. We are inviting you to bake well.

Come and spend 30 minutes every day slowing down time to date yourself.

When you date people you like, you consciously and unconsciously

  • speak to them nicely
  • bring your A-game
  • are friendly
  • Converse
  • adjust your voice tone to theirs
  • ensure you don’t make them uncomfortable
  • listen to them
  • reserve energy to be with them etc

Well, when last did you do all these for yourself or you don’t like yourself? If you don’t, this challenge is not for you. kindly reach out to us on WhatsApp so you can talk to support staff and find something that fits you. Better, book this for custom sessions.


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