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Therapeutic Services

Helps you deal with the past

  • Trauma If you have experienced any form of trauma; sexual, emotional, or physical before, this is the service for you.
  • Addiction If you are struggling with dependence on any sexual behaviour that you can't be fine without, this is for you.
  • Anxiety and Panic A crippling sense of fear in relationships (professional or personal) is your indicator to book this session.
  • Self-sabotage If you constantly feel tired, overwhelmed or constantly choose people that are toxic for you, this is the session to book.
  • Sexual Issues Low-libido, erectile dysfunction, fear of sex etc.
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Coaching Services

Helps you move forward

  • Sexual Wellness This helps you navigate how to have better sexual experiences. It deals with painful sex, sexual compatibility, dry vagina, delayed or quick ejaculations etc.
  • Conflict Management Managing internal and external conflict that is beginning to affect your self-esteem, relationships or sexual health.
  • Assertiveness Coaching How to say what you mean, how you mean without letting others misrepresent you. Think of it as emotional negotiation.
  • Choose Right How to choose people who are committed to you like you are to them. Fix your broken picker
  • Emotional Environment How to cultivate an internal environment that allows you to thrive even if your physical environment does not line up yet.
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Educational Services

Helps you choose wisely

  • Our Institute Professional courses for upcoming Sex Therapists, Sex Coaches and Sex Educators.
  • Bursting Sexual Myths These information can be found in our course area and everywhere we curate cotent.
  • Sexodemy A collection of courses that teach you everything your biology teacher forgot to tell you about sex.
  • Letters to Liza These are private letters you can send to our lead therapist and get personalized answers for instead of hoping your question will be answered randomly.
  • D.I.Y services These range from journals to challenges and other self-help techniques you can use for your health.
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Podcast that caters to your need

We could honestly lump all these amazing information together but who has time to be searching for what episodes match which needs? We have got you.

Trying to recover from trauma at your pace? Listen to Liza Express Podcast. Want Better sex? Go to Sexpressway. Contemplating monetizing your sexual Knowledge? Visit Business of Sexology.

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