Sexual Wellness & Trauma Recovery specialists

About Us

We help people break up with trauma and addictions, build stable relationships (romantically & parentally) and experience pleasurable sex.

What we do & why we do it

Our Story & Aspiration

Over the last seven years, we have had people come to therapy sexually battered by the people they loved. Some others were so sexually misinformed that sex that should be pleasurable became a scary subject even in their loved-filled relationships. 

 For some others, it was magneting and settling into toxic relationships simply because the sex was good. Whereas, there were others who could not find the balance between craving good sex and being addicted.  All of these struggles while trying to juggle a 9-5, parenting, adulting, loving, patriotic citizenship, etc. 

It is easy to minify sexual wellness until you realize that people’s unmet needs would be met even if it is by self-sabotage.

In 2021, we ran a virtual anonymous survey: 50% of those aged 22 – 35 reported their parents never discussed sex with them, 54.17% of the feedbacks were from people who had been abused in any context ( 41.67% were verbally abused, 41.67% were sexually abused and 25% were physically abused)

Our job is to help you make informed decisions about recovery without disregarding their desire for sexual pleasurable. The bonus point is that helping them heal means we have less hurting people hurting others in our society. 

Our Drive

At our core


To destigmatize sexual struggles, normalize seeking solutions and simplify the process of accessing those solutions.


Helping People prioritize sexual wellness and pleasure while building nurturing and thriving relationships


To Help:

Sex trauma victims recover and experience pleasurable sex.
You unlearn sexual Fears
You ensure you don't expose your children to sexual trauma
You identify why you keep attracting and sustaining toxic sexual relationships
You unlearn societal and sexual stigma when healing
You access peak healing, self-acceptance, trust and expression
Sex addicts experience wholesome romantic relationships
You become sexually flexible so you can experience more pleasure in your relationship
You navigate reproduction and fertility by prioritizing your sexual health.


What our clients are saying

Our Value System


These values guide us. They give us strength. These are standards you can hold us to any day of the year. Call them our oath.


We will always preserve everything you share with us.


We want you to heal and not just buy another product, service or opinion.


When you come to us, we believe you came for the facts and that is what you will get; no one on our team will ever try to arouse you sexually.


Every content we ever create, centres you through your storms just as friendships ought to keep us anchored in the storm


We will defeat our purpose if you can't access our content when and how you like it - mobile, self-paced, visual, aural, and textual.

As a girl of thirteen, I knew both the abuser and the abused because I was both.

Maybe I wouldn’t have put a title to it back then because I didn’t know the name but I knew something was fundamentally wrong.

As an older teenager, I later identified some of the traumas I had experienced and saw how they multiplied in relationships with friends and leaders and quickly got disguised as culture, advises or blackmails to younger people.

Fear, shame and anxiety ravaged my person as I grew, but I was lucky to have stumbled on healing because I wouldn’t live like that; afraid to dress up before someone else tries to abuse me, act stupid so no one picks on me, fear people who could love me. 

Like you, I wanted my life back – a life I wasn’t sure I knew if it stood in front me. But I tried. Without funds to see a therapist, I started journaling and began to take the little opportunities that offered themselves. 

One time, it was a doctor of psychology who claimed he could help me heal from my sexual fears if I let him touch me without penetrating my vagina.  

I know what it means to fight for yourself and that’s why you are the hero of every session. Ten years of focusing on my healing and my life feels light years ahead from the terrified, attention seeking, attention denying, angry, vengeful girl I used to be. 

Here at Liza Express Wellness, we never turn down someone who is willing to heal – there is always something at their level. Are you willing? Then, let me be your therapist 

My name is Elizabeth Akunyili, and I am a sexual healer, a fantastic journal therapist, a certified child and adolescent counsellor, a lasting transformation coach, and a certified hypnotherapy user.