Monthly Webinars

Our live webinars serve as interactive group sessions, emphasizing Q&A to identify and address obstacles preventing the practical application of the tools we have. 

Liza Chuma Akunyili - Liza Express Wellness

Trauma Recovery

The Liza Express Podcast offers expert insights on how to break up with trauma and addictions so you can live your best life as a person and lover.


This road is designed to take couples on sexual adventures regardless of the phase of life they are presently navigating. Sexpressway: every turn to pleasure. 

Liza Chuma Akunyili - Liza Express Wellness

Letters to Liza

Letters to Liza are like text messages to your best friend except, this bestie is a professional therapist who can help you without spilling the tea to anyone else.

Get Professional

You cannot keep quoting YouTube during your sessions and saying things just because they sound nice. Come learn how to be professional on an international level while being profitable. 

Live Healed

Our courses are designed for you to learn how to build walls that save you from hurts but also gates that allow you come outside and live life to the fullest. 

Free Resources

Easy tools that help you navigate your healing journey at no additional financial cost. However, they will cost you time and discipline if you want any significant result.