Between Your Ex & Next

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A 5-Day Self Journal therapy challenge to help you recover from your last relationship hurts and prepare for your next amazing relationship. 

P.S: this is not a substitute for personalized therapy, psychiatric evaluations & medical prescriptions.



Journal therapy is a writing process that allows an individual to slow down, pay attention to their thoughts, and understand emotions they would have otherwise glossed over and relegated to the background.

Journal therapy is a literal invitation to date yourself, hear your opinion and confront what is your subconscious.

This therapy technique will help you achieve mindfulness and healing. In this case, it will bring to mind things about the last relationship that you don’t know still exist and are hindering your next relationship from happening.

This self-therapy tool will help you let go, heal, and move forward without any hurt from your last relationship.

To get the best out of this tool, however, you must be willing to confront yourself in ways you have never done. No one is coming to grade your work – just you have access to this. So, can you please be honest and not deceive yourself? Whatever you fail to confront and be honest about will be a disaster merely carried over.

Also, it is not enough to find out how you feel now. Where you discover deeper pains than just recent hurts, don’t be afraid to explore further therapy in a live session.

This tool is guided as each page comes with instructions on what to do.

Welcome to healing & harmony! Cheers!


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