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This helps you achieve results based on your unique needs. The session pace is determined by you and not any preplanned curriculum – that is why we never select multiple sessions until after a first consultation session because you might not need them.

This is a custom-made experience for you to confront the emotional, sexual and psychological walls that are threatening your sanity, peace and progress.

P.S:  University students get a 40% discount while serving NYSC members get a 25% discount. Using this link

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What can these sessions cover? 

  • Internal Conflict: a struggle to get your thoughts and actions to align, an inability to fight for what you want professionally & personally, desiring things and manifesting self-sabotaging habits simultaneously, and an inability to commit to things you deeply want. These sessions will help you gain the clarity required to stop the conflict and empower you to courageously get what you need and want.
  • Emotional Hurt: post-romantic breakup, feelings of abandonment and being unwanted, rejection and consistent self-pity. These sessions will help you heal and reevaluate what it means to bond and connect and how to choose what and who serves your tenderness.
  • Trust Issues & Commitment Phobia: a sincere inability to connect and let go in a relationship so you can enjoy the bliss it brings. These sessions will help you discover the root cause of this phobia and heal that side of you so you can be free to connect more deeply and enjoy great relationships.
  • Emotional Dependency: an inability to stay with yourself that has you always looking for who to attach yourself to even if they are bad for your emotional health. These people can be friends, family, lovers etc. These sessions will help you separate your identity from your partnerships and connection so you can have the freedom to choose right when you have to and also enjoy yourself when you don’t need partnerships.


If you want are in a relationship but want to come for these therapy sessions alone, It can cover the things below. If your partner is open, then the couple sessions are a better fit

  • Sexual infidelity: whether you have already had intercourse or you have just begun to emotionally cheat on your partner, this is a great place to understand what is fuelling your sexual attraction and sustaining it outside your relationship. That way, not only can we eliminate it outside, we can import it inside the relationship.
  • Sexual unenjoyment: one or both of you don’t enjoy sex and you want to find out why that is happening. More than you want to find out what the obstacle is, you want to overcome it and start having fantastic sex. These sessions will help you find, balance and release your appetite.
  • Sexual misalignment: you are both on extreme ends/ can’t just seem to agree on sex – one person wants sex always and the other person never wants sex. The problem here is the constant sexual frustration has both of you doubting your relationship on the basis of sexual compatibility. These sessions will help you find your alignment if you lost it or even build new ones altogether.
  • Sexual fear & feelings of unattractiveness: the mental boundaries that have been ingrained so deep you don’t know how to be open, present and sexually vulnerable with your partner such that you will never let loose in the bedroom and your partner is now sexually stranded. These sessions will help you confront your fears and release you from your mental cage.
  • Trauma: previous hurtful experiences interrupting your ability to enjoy your present relationship. Some of those experiences can be sexual trauma, being broke/financial negativity that still triggers you, the families you come from, the generational trauma you both experienced as single people etc – these couple therapy sessions are perfect for helping you heal.
  • Conflict resolution: an inability to see each other on certain topics that have now deteriorated to the point of compulsory sexual abstinence, emotional unavailability and overall discomfort. These sessions will help you find the unspoken and unconfronted conflict that you are both too afraid to confront by yourselves.
  • Addiction: an inability to detach from specific things that are now costing you the intimacy in your relationship. These sessions will help you find why those addictions exist and identify the needs they are meeting so you know what to replace, cut and what to grow in your lives as a couple.
  • Fear: the deep-seated questions, opinions, assumptions and doubt that are not letting you commit to the fullness of your relationship and your bedroom is proof because it’s winter season there. These will help dissipate those fears so you can come to your bedroom – ready hot!
  • Misinformation: negative stories and opinions you have consumed over time that won’t let you surrender fully to being present in this relationship. These sessions will help you confront your perspective and break the limits of your mind. The best part is your therapist will guide you away from the guilt that follows realizing you have been wrong all along.


Why you can’t just talk to your friend instead of paying for this service 

  • Your friend has empathy to offer but doesn’t have the skill set required to help. So, talking to them will help you know you are not alone but the problem will still be waiting for you at home.
  • Your friend might have the skills required to help you as they might be trained psychologists but they are too close to the situation (whatever affects you affects them) so, they are not as objective as they’d usually be. You need professionalism, objectivity and empathy and we have all three in abundance, here.


Notice: you will need family and friends on this healing journey – they can’t replace your therapist and neither can your therapist replace them.


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