Confront Your Sexual Fear


A 7-Day self journal therapy to help you confront your fears around sexual pleasure + short teaching videos on sexual fears

P.S: This is for self-evaluation and is not a substitute for personalized therapy, psychiatric evaluations & medical prescriptions.



To a certain degree as adults, we fear sex-  we were not born afraid of sex. As a matter of fact, babies have been known to engage in involuntary masturbation as they touch their genitals unaware of the act but certain of the sensation.

They do not experience the intense pleasure an adult will feel from the same touch as they don’t have certain hormones being secreted. Yet, without a doubt, a child knows he/she has genitalia and is comfortable with it.

If children know this, why don’t we as adults? Conditioning!

The argument is always whether our responses are tilted towards nature or nurture. In this case, except for a few occasions, our fear of sex is learned and groomed by nurture – experiences.

  • If you were sexually abused, assaulted, harassed r constantly accused of sexual explorations, there is a huge possibility you and sex won’t be on the same grounds.
  • If you were raised in an environment where teenage pregnancies were prevalent and you were always reminded and threatened with being a teenage mum/dad, there is a possibility you still carry that fear. Interestingly, that fear saved you in that season but it could mess you up now.
  • If you come from an environment where marriages didn’t always last and children suffered consequences from divorces and separation, you might fear the repercussion of sex – pregnancy but more, fear failed relationships. Yes, you can use contraceptive methods but the possibility of that failing can double down on your ability to enjoy sex at all.

These and many more are reasons you could be experiencing sexual fear. This self-therapy challenge will help you confront these through journaling.

What is Journal Therapy? 

Journal therapy is a writing process that allows an individual to slow down, pay attention to their thoughts, and understand emotions they would have otherwise glossed over and relegated to the background.

Journal therapy is a literal invitation to date yourself, hear your opinion and confront what is your subconscious.

This therapy technique will help you achieve mindfulness and healing. In this case, it will help you analyse the sources of your fears and chart a course for confrontation.

To get the best out of this tool, however, you must be willing to confront yourself in ways you have never done. No one is coming to grade your work – just you have access to this. So, can you please be honest and not deceive yourself? Whatever you fail to confront and be honest about will be a disaster merely carried over.

Welcome to healing & harmony. Cheers!


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