Write your way out of confusion


A 5-Day Self Journal therapy challenge to help you move from confusion to clarity + clarity affirmation 

P.S: this is not a substitute for personalized therapy, psychiatric evaluations & medical prescriptions. 



Life can easily throw us from a place of certainty to a place where we begin to question our abilities, life’s purpose, value, career choice, education etc.

It is during such seasons that journal therapy is most handy as journal therapy dares us to begin to listen to the foundational conversations we have been having ourselves whether conscious or not.

Dating and talking to oneself is a strange phenomenon to a lot of people – it is considered madness or a prelude to madness. However listening to oneself doesn’t have to be done with exaggerated gestures and mouth movement but rather, a quiet tuning in that asks

  • How am I feeling?
  • In an alternate world, who will I be?

In journaling, we find desires we have never dared to ask ourselves for fear of the responses. So, this journal therapy will be very easy but it will also demand more honesty if you want the results you are paying for.

Cheers to your best life that serves you and the world.


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