Pleasurable Sex Any Day!


A 3 part nano-course on preparing for and experiencing sexual pleasure 

Disclaimer: When you sign up for this course, you affirm that you are 18 and older. Liza Express will not be held responsible for your choices. 

Note: the content is not erotic or graphical

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It is assumed that it takes a certain level of skill and practice on multiple partners to achieve sexual mastery – that’s a fallacy.

You need practice but not multiple partners as each partner is a new class you resume. Some knowledge is definitely transferred, but so are the traumas associated with that last partner.

This nano-course is for people at varying levels of sexual discovery.

Please be aware that this course was created with monogamous heterosexual couples in mind and also has no curriculum related to any kink or sexual experiment.

This course will cover

  • Your sex engine
  • Understanding your biology
  • Hormones and their responsibility
  • How to prepare for great sex
  • When pleasure becomes a carryover



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