Restorative Love


This is for you if 

  • you struggle to trust
  • you constantly choose people who hurt you
  • you can’t stay single even if it means settling.

What to expect

  • 5 personal sessions – 175k 
  • Assessments – 20k
  • Healing journey & choosing for your past audio bundle – 15k 
  • Self Love affirmation – 10k 
  • Weekly self-work & journal therapy 


When we created the Single and Ready to Mingle Audio Course, we underestimated the impact it will have on people. From the feedback, we began to notice newer audiences that we had never paid attention to like

The Alpha Female: she has her career and finances working really well. She has a great social life but for some reason, she cannot seem to emotionally connect with a man who nurtures her. 

  • She was choosing men who were out to play with her emotions and use her professionally but offered her a sexual connection. 
  • She attracted men whom she considered weaker than herself but for some reason can’t stop attracting them 
  • She finds really good men but can’t stop the intense conflict in her relationships and ends up quitting. 
  • She gets tempted to settle and drop her standards but every time she tries it, she experiences such trauma that reminds her why she set the standard in the first place. 

This woman needs to get her choosing game right because she deserves a love that nurtures and her success should not be punished with a loveless life or her bedroom left cold like it’s winter. 

The Nice Guy: this is the man everyone goes to when they are in need of emotional comfort – you can trust him to catch you always but the downside is

  • He tends to attract women who just want to use him to pump their pride sexually, emotionally and financially (if he has those capabilities)
  • He gets sidelined by some as too passive when in reality, he’s being respectful.
  • He finds pretty good women but can’t seem to enough spark and excitement in the relationship as both of them tend to be on the same personality spectrum.
  • He gets tempted to choose from who is available to him but that can be a very terrible choice when those people are those who want to use him for his kindness.

This man needs love that’s present and exciting. A sensitive man is a literal gold depot if he knows how to mine what he has and sell it to the right people and that’s what these sessions will help him achieve.

The hurting: these people have experienced some form of hurt sexually, emotionally and physically whether they are aware or not.

  • They tend to choose romantic partners who share similar hurt experiences and form trauma bonds or choose people who share the same coping mechanism with them – they choose from trauma.
  • They tend to attract people with messiah complexes who think they need to fix them, immediately. If this person doesn’t get help on time, they might end up in a relationship that treats them like a patient for life and that robs them of power (that’s if they ever discover their power)
  • They find really great people but they will disqualify themselves really quickly and convince themselves that this love isn’t for their kind – they live in a bubble of unworthiness.
  • They get tempted to just live in misery and just do whatever works. Whatever can be settling for a toxic person, an addictive activity, choosing non-committal partners (so they have a disclaimer that says “nobody stays with me anyway”), becoming toxic themselves or absolute seclusion and workaholism/whatever keeps them distracted.

This person needs personal healing.  A hurt isn’t the end of life except that is a deliberate choice as well in which case, hurting other people becomes a case of mere wickedness.

The Messiah: this person is sometimes under the hurting category and other times, they are just someone whose lives have been solely defined by their responsibilities that they have no identity whenever they have no responsibility.

  • This person tends to choose people who need them/use them on most occasions – the need makes them feel valuable and there is always someone waiting to prey on that. Their vulnerability is the need to be needed.
  • They tend to attract indecisive people because they are so competent and responsible, they don’t realize they are making all the decisions until the weight begins to crush them (by men based the societal gender roles and most first-borns by birth order fall in this category)
  • They find good people but they unconsciously crush those people by the way they demand perfection from them or worse, the way they steal their voice and ability to make decisions and cater to responsibility from them.
  • They get tempted to choose other people who are “authoritative/up-and-doing/don’t-need-to-be-instructed” but they end up in warfare as two captains try to commander this ship in opposite directions.

This person is not a bad person – they need an identity that is defined outside of their responsibilities even if that responsibility is giving their partner mindblowing sex.

These therapy sessions will attend to all four groups of people and people who have a combination of two or more.

It is possible to be unnecessarily nice only because you are hurting. It is possible to strive to be an alpha human only because you want to be a messiah. It is possible to fight for an alpha life because you have been hurt and you never want that to happen again  – the emotional possibilities on this spectrum are enormous.

So, if these don’t describe you but you know deep down that you need to make the right choice in your love life and you have been making the wrong one, then jump in.


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