Rewrite your sexual fears


A 7-day custom-made journal therapy challenge that helps you confront your sexual fear – 21k 

  • Sex language test – 10k 
  • Driving Desire Assessment – 10k
  • 4-part audio affirmation – 6k
  • 2 personal therapy sessions (1 before and another after the challenge) – 70k

P.S. – University students get a 40% discount while serving NYSC members get a 20% discount. 


People have feared sex for a long time mainly because of how it was introduced to them

  • An abuse
  • Something that destroyed
  • Something that completed their identity if they mastered it
  • Something that ruined their lives if they tried it
  • Something that’s addictive and won’t ever be enough
  • Something that enslaved them to their sexual partner
  • Something they will get tired of
  • Something they should never talk about because it’s a taboo
  • Something they should be punished and mutilated for
  • Something that was to be given or received and not experienced

The downside of all these is intense fear and trepidation whenever the subject comes up. You suddenly find really bold people

  • become aggressive as they fight their sexual attraction to someone else
  • refuse from enjoying the partner they have committed to
  • trivialize sex like it’s an overstatement of fact and then refusing to let their partners show them it can be good sex is an understatement on some occasions.
  • submit their body to someone else with such disgust that you wonder why they bother
  • become tensed because they are under pressure to perform exceptionally.

Your fear can be manifesting as many things. If you have feared sex for 20 years and it got you through your teenage years, don’t assume that fear will just vanish in your 30s because you are now an adult. Your mind needs to be trained into openness just like it was trained into fear. 

If you were sexually abused, this might not give you the best result. Please, consider the trauma recovery sessions instead.


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